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In 2011, in the process of innovation-driven transformation and development, Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd (FRTP) will base its development concept on transforming into diversified operation, enhanced operation level, as well as transforming from single-point marketing into integrated marketing. By relying on its own resources and taking into account market conditions, it has established 10 operational types under four business units of creative planning, hardware construction, hardware leasing and activity execution, including: stage lighting design & production, creative design, exhibition and display, media engineering, multimedia development, equipment leasing, studio operation, PR activity, performing arts activity, and film/video production.

Creative planning

Creative design:
SFRTP boasts a professional creative planning team, capable of providing creativity service in image design, brand propaganda, and provide planning for TV programs, performing arts activities, and PR activities.

Film/video production:
SFRTP boasts planners, directors and professional recording personnel for films, videos and large-scale activities; it can provide whole-package service covering film planning, recording production, and activity execution.

Multimedia development:
Relying on stage arts, lighting, video and organically combining related technological fields, SFRTP is able to develop more creative multimedia display means with stronger visual impact through independent research and development.

Hardware construction 

Stage art lighting design & production:
As the core business of SFRTP, it provides technical support in stage art lighting for domestic and overseas programs, key projects in Shanghai municipality, and entertainment programs and news programs of channels under SMG all year round.

Media engineering:
As the first company specializing in design, general contracting of TV studio engineering in China, SFRTP perfectly combines art and technology to create a host of media environment spaces and stage art engineering works brimming with visual creativity and distinct features.

Exhibition & display:
SFRTP can provide overall planning, design & construction, and field operation management for exhibitions and displays.

Hardware leasing

Studio operation:
SFRTP integrates professional marketing concept into studio hall operation, provides one-stop services covering studio and equipment leasing, stage art, lighting, acoustics, video design and production, program video editing and live broadcasting, supported with human-oriented catering, transport, and parking services, which truly brings comprehensive, one-stop and professional top-class services to customers.

Equipment leasing:
SFRTP boasts a large array of lighting equipment of domestic and overseas brands and also professional technological service personnel, capable of providing powerful equipment guarantee and technical support for all kinds of activities.

Activity execution

PR activity:
Relying on its close partnership with mainstream media in Shanghai and other regions in the nation, SFRTP is able to integrate multiple media resources including TV media, radio media, print media, outdoor media and new media through activity planning and execution, so as to provide customers with a series of services ranging from brand marketing, brand promotion to brand maintenance.

Performing arts activity:
Relying on its main business advantage in stage art lighting design & production, SMG’s unique media resources and integrated artist resources, SFRTP is able to provide one-stop services covering activity planning, market promotion, design & production and site operation for performing arts activities.