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I. Media resources
Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd is subordinate to Shanghai Radio Television Station, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group (SMG). The Company enjoys uniquely endowed advantage in media resources by relying on its powerful media platform.

As one of the largest radio & TV broadcasting organizations with greatest strength nationwide, Shanghai Radio & Television Station boasts leading news production capacity and top program broadcasting ability in China. At present, it operates 15 TV channels, 1 synchronized high definition channel and 11 radio frequencies. To fully implement separate radio & TV production and broadcasting, build up a mechanism more conducive to the scientific development of cultural undertakings, in 2009 Shanghai Radio & Television Station invested to set up Shanghai Media Group, a group company owned, controlled, and run by the Station.

Shanghai Media Group is an enterprise legal person focusing on traditional media business, with its subsidiaries covering a wide range of businesses including children’s animation, entertainment, film and TV series, finance, new media, TV shopping, sports match, documentary, life fashion, and large-scale activities, which involve multiple fields such as content production, investment and operation; it also actively carries out cross-media and cross-regional expansion, and constructs a complete industrial chain. In 2010, SMG further integrated its resources to develop five mature business units of animation, entertainment, finance, new media, and TV shopping, and actively promoted financing for public listing.

II. New media resources
As a new media company integrating radio & TV media and telecommunication, web new technologies under SMG, SMG BesTV New Media Company ushered in new media businesses including digital TV, IP TV, web broadband TV, mobile phone TV, digital audio broadcasting. BesTV New Media integrates existing advantageous resources to become the most powerful industry cluster with the widest business coverage, largest user group, and strongest overall strength in the existing state-owned radio TV media sector.

On January 11, 2011, BesTV New Media was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange to become the first listed company under SMG, which pioneered the first listing case of mainstream new media, and offered new thinking and new model to the industry for state-owned media to enter the capital market.
Meanwhile, Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd also becomes a member unit of the listed BesTV New Media, which brings it priority to share the tremendous production capacity created by new media.

III. Stage art engineering resources of the Group
As a member of SMG, Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd provides stage art lighting design and production services to nearly 70 programs of 12 dedicated channels under SMG and nearly all large activities and evening parties of the Shanghai Media Group; the number of programs and evening parties it contracts each year surpasses 1000 cases, including: “Come On, Man”, “Dancing With The Stars”, “East Music Award”, “MYSHOW”, ”Come on Oriental Angel”, ”Super Family”, “Channel Young Event”, “The Dancing Contest”, ” China’s Got Talent” and Shanghai Spring Festival Gala Evening, Shanghai TV Festival, Shanghai International Movie Festival Opening and Closing Ceremony and so on. Group projects provide a stable source of basic businesses for the Company.

IV. Government and social stage art engineering resources
As one of the professional companies nationwide with the highest standard of overall strength in stage art lighting design & production, Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd shoulders the mission of undertaking stage art engineering tasks for government key cultural and sport activities. Each year it contracts stage art design and production of major activities commissioned by the government, such as the municipal government spring festival gatherings, Teacher’s Day evening party, Mid-autumn Festival evening party, National Day evening party, charity and relief evening party, and the Opening and Closing Ceremony of National Games, Special Olympics, World Table Tennis Championship, and FINA World Championship, World Expo 2010 Shanghai Opening and Closing Ceremony and cultural performances in 32 pavilions inside the Expo Zone.
Furthermore, the Company also undertakes massive key cultural activities and commercial performances both at home and abroad organized by all sectors of the community, such as Shanghai International Arts Festival, Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival, Shanghai International Fashion Model Contest and a wide range of domestic and overseas commercial recitals, etc.

V. Media engineering resources
As an enterprise closely following the leading-edge creativity culture, Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd adopts advanced visual artistic creativity and design concepts, and utilizes hi-tech multimedia means and visual transmission carriers to successfully design news and special topic studio halls with distinct features, styles and multiple functions for a number of domestic television media. In recent years, the Company contracted stage art creative design and production projects for SMG Dragon TV Dream Factory, TV News Center Studio Hall, Great Sports Studio, Documentary Channel Studio; it was also invited to undertake creativity design and production for a large number of domestic television station studios, leaving footprints in television stations at provincial, municipal and autonomous region levels in Beijing, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Sichuan, and Xinjiang. With its increasing influence, the Company’s media engineering resources are emerging in an endless stream.

VI. Cultural and performing arts resources
As a performance brokerage agency, Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd is vigorously developing the cultural performance market, and actively introducing domestic and overseas cultural performance organizations, in order to promote cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. The Company has developed strategic partnership with Shanghai East Star Cultural Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai Oriental Youth Dancing Troupe, Shanghai Song & Dance Ensemble, SUM Entertainment Limited and culture and performance organizations from Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in order to together seek mutual growth and development through complementation and utilization of respective strengths.

VII. Industry resources
Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd remains active in relevant industries by relying on its own brand appeal and professional advantage. The company has joined a number of social organizations including Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association, China Association of Performing Arts, Chinese Television Artists Association, China Stage Art Academy, in order to share extensively industry resources and market info with fellow industry players for mutual progress and development. At present, the Company is also actively taking part in hi-tech industry development, and has joined hands with Shanghai Institute of Laser Technology to research and develop related hi-tech technologies, and is planning to apply for a number of patents.