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Production plant 

Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd owns a large Stage Art Production Plant with advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipments, and well-developed craftsmanship; it directly addresses the market to serve different customers, and operates all year round to provide a complete range of production services including stage art, lighting, special effects, video, and props to domestic film and TV cultural entertainment activities. The establishment of Stage Art Production Plant greatly improves stage art engineering efficiency, further satisfies and caters to market demands, and opens up a brand-new stage art production category.


Operated and managed by the Company’s Stage Art Production Center, the Stage Art Production Plant embodies Project Department, Department of Lighting Production, Department of Stage Art Production and Department of Equipment Management, with nearly 120 technicians. The Stage Art Production Plant has developed a well-developed stage art production line, ranging from project execution, supervision & inspection of safety quality and settlement, to production of stage scenery piece & props, stage construction, installation of lamps and color screens, working of special effects, and equipment operation, technology guarantee etc; it also sets up inspection steps for technology, process, quality and safety, with tight control measures put in place, which ensures uncompromised display of stage art creative design effects and stage art production safety.

Occupying an area of 12,000 sq. m., the Stage Art Production Plant has its office premises in a whole building, three large production workshops with a complete array of equipments, three professional filming studios, five equipment warehouses, four stage scenery piece warehouses, one machinery warehouse, one platform warehouse, one raw material warehouse and one equipment repair workshop, covering from production management to stage art production, and from storage of stage scenery pieces, equipments and materials to equipment repair and maintenance, realizing professional and integrated setup, which greatly improves productivity, lowers production cost, and enhances market competitiveness.