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About the Studio
The studio hall of Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd has a total area of nearly 700 sq. m., wherein the floor space is 500 sq. m., which is ready for partition per program needs.
There is also about 200 sq. m. for supporting facilities, including independent men’s and women’s dressing rooms, VIP lounges, etc.
It provides one-stop services covering stage art, lighting, acoustics, video design & production, capable of meeting the recording and live broadcasting needs of all entertainment info programs, and small to medium entertainment programs.

Level 1
1. Area inside the studio
2. Lobby + café bar zone
3. Men’s dressing room
4. Women’s dressing room
5. Men’s Toilet
6. Women’s Toilet
7. Lounge
8. Warehouse
Level 2
1. Area inside studio
2. Directing control room
3. Acoustics control room
4. Lighting control room
5. VIP Room 1
6. VIP Room 2

Technical setupdirector system  lighting equipment  acoustic equipment

Director system
1. 6+3 High resolution live/prerecorded broadcasting system
2. MKS-9011A/2 SYL satellite panel, MKS-8080/2 SYL32 Jianyuan auxiliary bus control panel
3. SONY multi-format video switcher 2M/E, 32IN, 24OUT, 1030 frame buffer, with backup power & high definition switching platform
4. High definition camcorder SONY HDCI 1580R/L, Fujinon 18 x standard, 2X
5. 16 screen partition HARRIS video multi-stream matrix
6. Apple high-definition non-linear edit system, DVD, SONY multi-format edit camcorder

Lighting equipment
1. Grand MA lighting control console
2. 1500W Vari - Lite computer light
3. LED PAR lamp, wash light
4. 2000W import follow spot light

Acoustic equipment
1. Console SoundCraft V16, MIDAS 320
2. Amplifier system JBL speaker, Crown amplifier, digital audio processor, replay processor, compressor, equalizer, mixer
3. Gooseneck microphone, audio beam microphone, small clip-on microphone, wireless handheld microphone, wireless bodypack transmitter, wireless headset

Supporting services
Superior stage art, professional video light services
Elegant café bar
Fast and convenient catering service
Free parking for customers

One-stop, professional and all-inclusive premium services

Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Ltd
Studio Hall Address: 2570 Xietu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel: 86-21-54890111